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                     SRN Micro, the growing antivirus software developing concern launched new improved version of Solo Antivirus 2008 - Version 7.0. The new version effectively fights against viruses and spyware. The new version comes with improved scan engine and online update facility.

Features of Solo Antivirus:

Solo Antivirus detects and removes all types of viruses including spyware and adware. The heuristic, script, and polymorphic engine is also improved.

Solo contains a unique system integrity checker to protect your system from new Internet worms, backdoors, and spyware.

Solo includes features such as a sentry system, an automatic update facility, a schedule scan facility, an emergency disk tool, and so on.

Other features include memory scan on installation, shutdown scan on a floppy disk drive, Windows locked files disinfection, and a simple and easy-to-use interface.


                     Recently SRN Micro unveiled a new corporate strategy designed to build on its core strengths while capitalizing on its standing as a global technology leader. Our main goal is strengthening the company's position in the antivirus market.

                     With a full fledged complete in-house test facility, adequates financial backup and a long list of satisfied customers, SRN Micro systems is poised for a major growth and rededicates its committment towards total customer satisfaction.